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  • 12 Nov, 2015
“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” —Elmer Davis
By Master Account 30 Dec, 2016
Maintaining your vehicle's transmission is important. Major problems with the transmission can prove expensive to repair, which is why you need to correct problems as soon as possible. If your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid it is likely because there is a gap within the transmission. While the transmission leak may start here, there can be a problem with the transmission pan, a damaged seal somewhere or even damage to the pan gasket or torque converter. A certified mechanic needs to take a look at your vehicle right away to determine the problem. This will help avoid larger issues completely.
By Master Account 30 Nov, 2016
Transmission fluid is a lubricant liquid used inside the moving parts of a vehicle’s transmission. The fluid acts as a coolant as well as to transmit power from the engine. In manual transmissions, the oil used includes heavy hypoid gear oil or regular motor oil, and in automatic transmissions, the fluid is called Automatic transmission fluid (ATF). ATF is different from motor oil and is red and green. When it comes to car maintenance, you need to change the fluid after every 30,000 to 60,000 miles and every 15,000 miles for heavy-duty vehicles in manual transmissions and every 60,000 miles to 100,000 miles for the automatic transmission.
By Staff Writer 24 Oct, 2016
Car experience damage often because of neglect or a lack of knowledge on car maintenance. The difference between a premature transmission failure and a transmission outlasting your car’s lifetime is having the right maintenance knowledge and putting it to practice. You need to go regularly to an auto repair who will service your transmission by doing periodic tuning; removing contaminants, checking the transmission fluid is at optimal levels and checking any other problems that might exist in your car.
By Staff Writer 15 Sep, 2016
Winter weather can be harsh on a car’s transmission. Some problems includes: transmission fluid getting thick, hard transmission shifting, and water in the transmission.
Proper car maintenance and transmission care should be a priority during fall weather. The following advice should be adhered to:
  • Store your car in a garage that has climate control. 
  • Use synthetic transmission fluid since it retains its specs even under cold conditions. 
  • Allow the car’s motor to warm up before putting it into gear. 
  • Finally, take it easy in the first few miles, this allows the internal parts and the fluids to build up to normal operating temperatures.
By Staff Writer 16 Aug, 2016
Proper auto transmission maintenance is imperative if you want your car to run smoothly. To prevent or reduce wear and tear on your vehicle's transmission, there are a couple things you should do. First, you never want to overload your vehicle, especially during the hot summer months, or when you are going on a long trip. Second, you should check your transmission fluid on a regular basis - never put off getting your car serviced by a professional. The last thing you should do is avoid revving your engine or switching gears too often.
By Staff Writer 07 Jul, 2016
Here are a few common questions we get about transmission fluids:
  • What is transmission fluid?
    • Transmission fluid is the fluid that enables your vehicle to seamlessly shift gears without tearing them. This is the fluid that lubricates the gears and helps preserve the transmission system.
  • How & why do I check the transmission fluid?
    • You can check the transmission fluid by using the dipstick. Checking the fluid is very important for keeping your transmission working properly.
  • How often should my transmission fluid be changed?
    • Transmission fluid exchanges also fluctuate based on the transmission type. However, it is generally recommended to change every two to three years.
  • How can I tell if my transmission fluid is old?
    • Automatic transmission fluid should be red and/or translucent and manual transmission fluid may be dark green, red, blackend or translucent. If the fluid looks cloudy or has a dark or brownish tinge, it may be time to bring your car in for a check up.   Additionally, if you notice the fluid level is low or it has a burned smell, it may be time for new transmission fluid.

If you think it may be time to change your transmission fluid, contact us online or call us today at  501-712-5469.
By Staff Writer 16 Jun, 2016
Diagnosing your car's problems can always seem impossible. However, if you think of your car as your body there are certain symptoms when you feel you know it is time to see a doctor. Likewise to a transmission, the moment you begin noticing out of the ordinary things you know that it is time to consider repair. Some of the common problem indicators in manual/automatic transmissions include fuel leaks and a strange smell. Leaking transmission fluid is the easiest way to know your car needs attention. Also, should you begin to smell a slight tart or sweet odor, you should think of changing the fuel.
By Staff Writer 02 Dec, 2015
  • Is there a leak under your vehicle?
  • Is your transmission fluid under the recommended level?
  • Do you hear unusual noises or notice odd behaviors when driving?
  • What is the recommended maintenance timeline in your owner's manual?
  • Does your vehicle shudder when driving?
´╗┐If you asking several of these questions about your vehicle, these are all symptoms of a transmission in need of repair.   Contact us today  so we can help you get the most from your vehicle. 
By Staff Writer 12 Nov, 2015
“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” —Elmer Davis
By Staff Writer 11 Sep, 2015
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