In Need of Manual Transmission Repair in Jacksonville, Little Rock, Cabot, Benton, Bryant, North Little Rock, Sherwood or Conway?

  • If you notice a leak under the vehicle it may be time to bring the vehicle in before either the coolant fluid system or transmission system becomes compromised.
  • Make sure your transmission fluid never dips below the recommended level to prevent serious transmission damage.
  • If you are hear unusual noises or notice odd behaviors bring your car in to avoid damage in the long run.
  • Check your owners manual to see how frequently your vehicle fluids are supposed to be changed and make sure to follow through with maintenance to help extend the life of your car and improve its overall performance.
  • That shudder you are feeling may be due to a worn clutch, don’t wait, get this checked out right away to prevent further damage.

More than a Transmission Repair shop serving Jacksonville & Little Rock, we can guide you on many of your car issues.

  • Perhaps one of the biggest indicators, and one that should not be ignored, is the check engine light. It’s easy to check and we have the equipment to do so at our transmission repair shop in Jacksonville, AR.
  • If your car seems sluggish or you find yourself making more frequent trips to the gas station, you may be due for a fuel system cleaning. These cleanings can improve the overall car performance and wake up that sluggish vehicle.
  • If your car is making more noise and feels “bumpier” in neutral it may be you’re your vehicle is low on engine oil, or it could be a sign that other parts need to be replaced aside from a transmission repair. Either way getting it checked out sooner can save a lot of trouble later, stop by our transmission repair shop in Jacksonville, AR.
  • Along the lines of a sluggish engine, is if your vehicle just doesn’t seem to be responding. Transmissions are supposed to shift gears every time. If there is a delay, it’s time to get the transmission checked.

How much to rebuild a transmission?

There is a lot to rebuilding an automatic or manual transmission. Today’s modern transmission includes many pieces:  torque converters, planetary gears train, hydraulic controls, and much more. If you find yourself asking “How much to rebuild a transmission?” Make sure a professional is giving  your a consultation prior.

Stop by our transmission repair shop in Jacksonville, AR and we’ll be more than happy to consult with you and give you a straight, no-nonsense answer when it comes to pricing out How much to rebuild a transmission.

If you are looking for a place to get a manual transmission repair in Jacksonville, look no further! Call us today at 501-985-0449

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